Nikki is the greatest! I was a little scared to get waxed for the first time but she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. She is very professional and is easy to talk to...I always leave Nikki feeling uplifted and a lot less hairy. I would recommend anyone to go to Nikki.---Kelli F. 10/24/08

I was referred to Nikki by my fantastic stylist, after complaining about a couple pimples and dry skin. I was a little skeptical about facials at first but ended up giving it a try and enjoyed it quite a bit. Nikki gives a great facial and provides excellent advice on how to take care of my skin. She's very professional, always on time and a great conversationalist. She has great taste in music too. :-)

I try to get in to see her once a month and I can usually schedule it to coincide with a haircut. I highly recommend Nikki.---Demetrius 10/24/08

I've been a client of Nikki since she opened at Diva's.  She gives great facials and pays special attention to my specific needs.  Lots of good advice and very professional.  Time well spent !!!!!! ---Heidi C. 7/9/09

This is a review for Nikki - she's my esthetician at Diva.

Nikki is AWESOME.  I get all my waxing done with her.  When I moved to Campbell, I was really worried that I wasn't going to be able to find an experienced, capable individual with reasonable prices.  But that is just what I have found with Nikki.

Waxing can be painful and awkward, but Nikki makes it fast and she's so easy to be around.

I haven't had any other services with her, like facials, etc., but the waxing is great and I can't give her a higher recommendation!---Jessica K. 7/9/09

Nikki is wonderful. Besides having a magnetic personality, she has amazing skin care products. I have a scar on my arm due to surgery that I had recently. I bought an amazing aloe vera product that is helping to reduce the scar. In fact, my surgeon can't believe how well my scar has healed so far. I have also bought some wonderful face cream and amazing natural sun screen that I use on my bald head all of the time.---Brett A 1/26/10

NIKKI Is so knowledgeable, She really knows her products and how they work. She knows what the best ones are your your skin type. Everyone skin is different. She does the best Brow Wax I've ever had. Her facials are DIVINE and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, her Salt Scrubs. I leave there felling like a new woman. LIKE A ROCK STAR... I have been going to her for five years now. I can't recommend her enough. I feel bad that I didn't write this review a very long time ago.---Suzanne P. 2/2/10

Nikki is great for waxing. She is really friendly and quick. Youre in, youre out, youre hairless!---Cory M. 8/8/11


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